what we do


Building creative products, activating ideas and growing companies

Building a successful brand isn’t an overnight process. At Miranda Marketing Labs, we pride ourselves on focusing on the most important aspects of your brand and starting from the ground up, with you and your customers as the framework.


Not only do we take the time to understand you, your brand your product, we figure out the why, the who, and the how and answer it. Why do people need your brand? This leads us to the who, who is going to need this? Which finally gets us to the how, how will we get your product in the hands of your target audience?



Now that we have all the questions, it is time to find the answers. Simply put we use science, data, analytics and research to tell us what motivates your target audience, then we craft your story to move people.

Web design

Web Design is just a fraction of what we do, but it makes a huge impact. Websites are one of the most powerful branding tools companies have. It is the first impression your customers get of your brand so it needs to be professional, relatable, eye-catching, and functional. We use the most advanced web design techniques to get you all of the factors a great first impression has.



We have experience, a lot of it. We work together so you stand apart. We utilize our collective experience to reveal each companies unique advantages and leverage them for a stronger, more personal, more profitable brand.


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